Trigger-Flex® System

Patented elliquence Trigger-Flex® Bipolar Systems offer navigational access in endoscopic or ‘key-hole’ procedures for targeted pathology treatment.

Since 2000, the patented Trigger-Flex® Bipolar System has been utilized globally in minimally invasive spine and other orthopedic procedures for the navigational, targeted application and precise tissue effects it affords. Compatible with all working channel scopes, the Trigger-Flex® Bipolar System is a compliment to all procedures for hemostasis, shrinkage or ablative effects in soft tissue. Several shaft and handle configurations are available to accommodate surgeon preference or surgical requirements.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Download Trigger-Flex® Brochure

  • Bipolar
  • Ablation, Coagulation, and Tissue Shrinkage
  • Product Lengths: 
    • 24cm (Compatible with elliquence 16 gauge 8 inch spine needle)
    • 13cm (Compatible with elliquence 16 gauge 4in access needle)

Download Trigger-Flex® Dart Brochure

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