I just wanted to send along our team’s sincere thanks for all of the help elliquence has provided during the recent separation of the Aguirre twins. In each of the procedures, the elliquence Radiowave Energy Source, both bipolar and monopolar system were used. Recognizing that we would need an energy source that would cut and coagulate without generating extra heat and burn was key to our separation efforts of the conjoined brains. As we came to the end of the final separation, it became clear that they boys brains were actually fused. At this point the elliquence technology became key in splitting the conjoined brains with as little injury as possible and so far that has clinically proven to be the case. Both boys are doing very well with no evidence of any neurological deficit. Your resources were invaluable and very much appreciated – many thanks from the boys and the CHAM team. You will also be interested to know that the Surgi-Max Dual Frequency unit has now become our exclusive unit of use in the craniofacial procedures and spinal dysraphism cases. The minimal production of burn and heat has made this unit invaluable to our service. The ability to gently shave off a lipoma in a lipomyelomeningocele, without injury to the underlying conus secondary to thermal heat, has made this unit a remarkable addition to our surgical armamentarium – keep up the great design work.

James T. Goodrich, M.D., Ph.D
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