Bipolar Forceps

Bipolar Forceps With Non-Stick Technology

elliquence’s ‘Non-Stick’ technology includes a proprietary alloy composition that is uniquely suited for delicate surgical procedures.

When combined with elliquence’s Surgi-Max® Ultra Radiowave energy source, Bipolar forceps require less power to produce effective coagulation without unwanted tissue adherence or charring. The technology is specially matched with the High Radiowave frequency, proprietary bipolar waveforms, power output and matched with the impedance of the tissue. The result is a harmonious cloud around the forceps tip to produce a controlled, effective, low-temperature volatilization of individual cells. A broad range of tip and shaft configurations are available to compliment any surgical procedure.

  • ‘Non-Stick’ Tissue Effect
  • Reduced Procedure Time
  • Durable, Non-Coated Tips
  • Less Thermal Damage
  • Enhanced Hemostasis
  • Lower Power Settings
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