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Surgi-Max® Technology Helps Separate Conjoined Twins


conjoinedtwinsandmom-800elliquence’s Patented Surgi-Max® Energy Source “Key” to Successful Separation Surgery

OCEANSIDE, NY – April 2005 – elliquence, LLC., a leading medical device designer, manufacturer and global distributor today announced that its patented Radiowave energy source was crucial to the successful separation of the conjoined Filipino twins last August, at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) in New York City, NY.

Carl and Clarence Aguirre are two-and-a-half-year-old twins from the Philippines, who were born conjoined at the tops of their heads. Their mother brought them to the United States in late 2003 with the hopes of having them separated.

The surgical team, led by pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. James T. Goodrich MD-PhD and craniofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. David Staffenberg, decided on a unique, “staged” surgical approach. From October 2003 until August 2004, a series of four surgeries were used to gradually separate the vital blood vessels shared by the twin brothers.

elliquence’s Surgi-Max® unit was used in each of the highly technical and complex separation procedures and proved to be vital during the final operation, when the OR team discovered that the boys’ brains were fused in a small section.

“At this point the elliquence technology became key in splitting the conjoined brains with as little injury as possible, and so far, that has clinically proven to be the case. Both boys are doing very well with no evidence of any neurological deficit. Your (company’s) resources were invaluable and very much appreciated,” stated Dr. Goodrich in a letter to elliquence executives.

In fact, the elliquence unit is now the exclusive unit of use for the CHAM team’s craniofacial procedures and spinal dysraphism cases, according to Dr. Goodrich. The Surgi-Max® Energy Source is a software-controlled device operating at optimal frequencies to achieve the highest degree of surgical precision. Minimal cellular alteration and tissue preservation result in decreased scar tissue formation, faster healing and superior esthetic outcomes. Innovative delivery systems permit atraumatic pathology access and versatile treatment to compliment the precision energy source.

elliquence’s technology is designed with input from the surgical community, offering the most effective and ergonomic products to suit numerous medical specialties and economic environments.

Further information about the history of the twins, including photographs and illustrations of the surgical stages can be found at the hospital’s website.

elliquence, LLC is a privately held, ISO certified company, which designs, manufacturers and markets a wide range of innovative, high radiofrequency products for enhanced surgical procedures. Parties interested in licensing Ellman IP or other business opportunities are encouraged to contact elliquence.

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