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Conjoined Twins Separated using elliquence technology


Jadon and Anias McDonald, 13-month-old twins, had been joined at the cranium since birth. With the help of Dr. James Goodrich, that was about to change. On Friday October 14th, 2016 Dr. James Goodrich, considered the leading expert on what’s known as craniopagus surgery, led his team to the successfull separation of the two boys. While in the operation room for over 27 hours, Dr. Goodrich had finally stepped out to see the parents to give them a status update of “Well, we did it.”




“It’s been 12 years since Dr. Goodrich last separated twins conjoined at the head at Montefiore. That was his first ever craniopagus surgery, and he’s learned much since then, performing five other separating surgeries around the world, including Syrian twins and Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Prior to the mid-1980’s, it was accepted medical practice to sacrifice one child on the operation table to save the life of the other. Many times both babies died. If one child made it through surgery, he or she ofter suffered debilitating brain damage.

Goodrich has pioneered the field. He established the practice of performing the separation of craniopagus twins in several shorter stages, instead of one single operation lasting more than 50 hours. The McDonalds have had three previous operation, each resulting in progressively more separated brains. Today is the fourth and final stage. None of Goodrich’s conjoined twins have died during the operation. His Mantra: “Take is easy and slowly and carefully.”” – CNN


Dr. James T. Goodrich in his office at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore.

elliquence’s Surgi-Max Plus was used as the RF power source to complete the rare and complicated procedure. It allowed Dr. Goodrich and his team to cut through delicate tissue and neurons while separating the cranium. Dr. Goodrich, his team and elliquence technology have unlocked a future for these two boys that will change their lives forever.


Source: CNN
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