Surgi-Max Drill – Full Console Order

All Orders Received after 3:30 pm EST are not guaranteed to ship the same day.
elliquence will cover ground shipping costs. The rep or facility is responsible for any shipping cost above the standard ground cost.

The Surgi-Max Drill – Full Console Order consists of the following:

  1. Console with Power Cord
  2. Footpedal
  3. Motor
  4. Angled Handpiece
  5. Bottle Holder
  6. Handpiece Cradle
  7. Cleaning Nozzle for Motor
  8. Lubricating and Cleaning Sprays
  9. General Purpose Tray
  10. Drill Carrying Case

Please fill out the following information to place your order for the Surgi-Max Drill – Full Console.

Please Note the following:

  • If the Surgi-Max Drill System is going to be used in multiple cases, we recommend ordering the Surgi-Max Drill Accessory Bundle in addition to this order.
  • For Burrs and Support Tubes, please fill out the Burr and Support Tube Order Form.
Surgi-Max Drill Order Form
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