Radiowave Accessories

elliquence has a complete line of accessory products to accommodate ease of use and surgeon preference while providing cost-effective Radiowave applications for all surgical procedures.

3-Button Fingerswitch
The Radiowave 3-Button Fingerswitch is a unique handpiece, which includes access to all three monopolar waveforms without unit manipulation, as well as a distal tip chuck to prevent electrode rotation during application.

An assortment of Footswitch configurations are available to provide greater surgeon ease of use of Surgi-Max® Plus.

Neutral Plates
Two configurations of Disposable Neutral Plates are available to accommodate patient size.

Bipolar Cables
Disposable Bipolar Cables are available in several distal connector configurations to accommodate the assortment of primary bipolar instrument configurations in the market.

Monopolar Cable
For monopolar delivery systems such as microfiber and Suction Coagulator, the Quick-ConnectCable is used to deliver monopolar energy.

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