Conjoined Twins, Jadon and Anias McDonald, successfully separated using elliquence technology.

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Experience how less is more® with elliquence®.
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Disc-FX® is a minimally invasive treatment for disc herniations. With less than a 1mm incision, Disc-FX® can improve your pain symptoms and get you back in motion.
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Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera
Disc-FX Patient, January 2016
Olympic Gold Medalist, August 2016

Become a Champion, with Disc-FX.
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Less Is More®
Less Surgery Time
Experience less surgery time with elliquence®.
Less is more®
Less Recovery Time
Experience a fraction of the recovery time compared to other procedures.
Less Is More®
Less Tissue Damage
Experience less tissue damage with elliquence® products.
Less Is More®
Less Scarring
Experience less surgery time with elliquence®.
Less Is More®
Less Pain
Less pain, more results.
Less Is More®
Less Stress
Experience Less Stress with elliquence products.

Our products are designed as minimally invasive products, with maximum results.
Surgi-Max Plus

elliquence® Technology Overview

elliquence® Technology Overview

elliquence® technology incorporates the patented Radiowave energy source (established in 1959) which utilizes high frequency, low temperature radio waves to perform traditional scalpel, scissor, electrosurgical and laser assisted procedures.

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Conjoined Twins

Successful Separation Surgery of Filipino Conjoined Twins

Successful Separation Surgery of Filipino Conjoined Twins

elliquence, LLC. patented Radiowave energy source was crucial to the successful separation of the conjoined Filipino twins, at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) in New York City, NY.

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elliquence® Patents

elliquence® Patents

elliquence® has over 60 medical technology patents over the past 15 years. We are dedicated to being the leading innovative medical company so that we can provide the newest and most efficient products in the medical field.

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Information for Patients

Learn more about Disc-FX® and how it can benefit your back pain and lead you to recovery. 

elliquence Patient Financing


Get back in Motion Today! We offer an excellent financing program for the Disc-FX® procedure. Learn more on how to finance your procedure today.

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Surg-e Pak

elliquence® has created an all in one kit with multiple procedure functionality. Learn more about the Surg-e PakTM here.

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Trigger-Flex® Bipolar System has been utilized globally in minimally invasive spine and other orthopedic procedures for the navigational, targeted application and precise tissue effects it affords.    

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Technology Innovation

elliquence® has partnered with the Orthopedic, Neurosurgery, Endoscopic Spine, and Pain Management community to develop innovative high quality products which have been trusted and validated by doctors, medical facilities and patients worldwide. The elliquence brand is recognized for providing healthy tissue preservation which results in less trauma, minimized scar tissue formation, reduced post-operative pain and an early return to a productive lifestyle.

Surgi-Max Plus®



The Trusted, Validated Energy Source
• Patented Radiowave Monopolar/Bipolar Technology
• Unparalleled Precision, Versatility and Safety
• Monopolar Incision, Dissection and Resection
• Non-Stick Bipolar Performance

• Less invasive compared to traditional discectomy procedures
• Minimum annulotomy reduces risk of herniations
• Multi-functional therapeutic options; debulking, ablation and modulation
• Manual excision of herniated nucleus through 3.0mm portal
• Ablation and denervation achieved with use of Trigger-Flex®

• Compatible with all Spine Scopes
• Regain Visualization After Red Out
• Annulus Modulation
• Navigational Access
• Nucleus ablation
• Tactile Feedback

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