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Ellman Innovations, LLC. Conducting Business Under the New Name of elliquence, LLC.


Oceanside, New York, March 5, 2008 – Ellman Innovations, LLC. announced today that it will be conducting business under the new name of elliquence, LLC. The new company formation is a result of the acquisition of Ellman International, Inc. by Baird Capital Partners (BCP) on February 28, 2008.

The name elliquence is a compilation of three key ingredients, which represent the company’s extraordinary lineage. ‘Ell’ refers to Ellman, the origin of the technology; ‘i’ represents ‘Innovations’, the transitional company of Ellman Innovations (spine and neurosurgery) and ‘quence,’ derived from the specific, high radio ‘frequency’ energy of the Radiowave technology.

elliquence has retained exclusive rights to the patented Ellman Surgi-Max® Radiowave technology, which emits low temperature energy. This controlled, versatile application results in minimal scar tissue formation while sparing healthy tissue in the spine and brain procedures.

Additionally, elliquence retains the intellectual property of various patents including the patented Trigger-Flex™ Bipolar system, a 2.5mm navigational delivery system used successfully in over 30,000 endoscopic spine procedures since its launch in 2000. The system represents therapeutic technology for sealing fissures in the annulus fibrosis, depopulating nerve fibers and modulation of offending nucleus pulposes. Devices are compatible with all industry spine scopes.

elliquence will be officially releasing the 510k cleared Disc-FX® System and accessories throughout 2008. The Disc-FX System includes a compact, disposable ‘4 in 1’ application 3mm disc access system and incorporates the Trigger-Flex Bipolar System and ‘4 in 1’ applications for minimally invasive lumbar discectomy procedures. Clinical investigators are reporting 100% patient satisfaction and enhanced surgical outcomes when compared to percutaneous spine procedures.

The former CEO of Ellman International, Alan Ellman will serve as the CEO of elliquence and commented on the new company formation, “with an established base of technology validation, elliquence will now focus on broadening the product and patent portfolio while partnering with the medical community to fulfill technology requirements in expanding minimally invasive spine and neurosurgical procedures. This will help to enhance elliquence’s future as a global leader in minimally invasive surgery.”

About elliquence

elliquence, formerly Ellman Innovations (established in 2005) is a privately-held medical device company focused on the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of proprietary minimally invasive spine, interventional radiology, pain management and neurosurgical products. elliquence technology is based upon the patented Radiowave® energy source technology of Ellman International (established in 1959). The company’s products are based on patented and proprietary technologies utilizing high-frequency, low-temperature radio waves to perform traditional scalpel, scissor, electrosurgery and laser procedures to spine and neurosurgery.

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